Pirkei Avos


'Moshe received the Torah* from Mount Sinai' (1.1)


The Mishnah* should have said, 'on Mount Sinai' [and not from Mount

Sinai.] It seems that we can explain it this way. The Torah says that

'the man Moshe was more humble then any other man.' Likewise when he

was in Egypt he said, 'Who am I that I should go... will I then take

[this people out of Egypt?' However] when HaShem said to Moshe that

he was going to give the Torah through him and he would be the

teacher of all Israel, he didn't protest at all. Where was his

humility then?


However the truth is the exact opposite. Moshe observed that the

Torah was to be given on Mount Sinai. Chazal* teach that it was

chosen because it was the smallest of the mountains. Moshe saw that

the Torah was not being given except on the smallest and least

significant place of all. He was then pleased that the Torah could be

given through him since he [felt that he] was the least of all of the

Jewish people.


And for this reason it says, 'Moshe received the Torah'. Since he was

so humble how could he do that? To answer this it says, 'FROM Mount

Sinai.' He learned [this lesson] from Sinai. The Torah was given on

it and not on any of the taller mountains, because it was the

smallest of them all. He was then willing to allow the Torah to be

given through him [being the smallest of all Jews.] (p. 104 sefer

Kedushas Levi teachings of Rebbe Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev.)


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